Saturday, September 30, 2006

This is me and Anna Corum. Anna and I were friends in Jr. High, but really became a lot closer in high school. Actually in the 6th grade, it was kind of understood that we just didn't really hang out together. I was the sassy cheerleader and she was the mean basketball player (so we thought)! But as we grew up, we weren't so sassy and mean and actually had a lot of fun together. Anna is probably one of the most down to earth girls that I know. She has a very dry sense of humor (which I love!). One second she is laid back and serious and then the next she is bouncing of the walls ready to do something. Anna also has a really big heart for a whole lot of people. She will go out of her way to help you in any way possible (she came to my rescue many times in Tuscaloosa!) She is always coming up with some sneaky prank that will make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. She is just simply so much fun to talk to and be around! She is a soon-to-be physical therapist!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

I don't have a recent photo on my computer of just me and Rachel (because I NEVER get to see her anymore!)...but I have plenty of group pictures and I thought this was a good one of her. She (Rachel McAbee) is the 2nd from the left. Rachel and I have been friends since the 6th grade. We knew each other in elementary school but really became "friends" in Jr. High. Since then we have gone through a whole lot together and basically experienced growing up together. Rachel is a stand-up comedian, really, there is no person that I know that can match her humor. She is also extremely outgoing and charismatic, within 15 minutes of being around her, you feel like you've known her your whole life. No matter what the subject of conversation is, she is going to make you laugh. She has always included everybody, no matter what the circumstance. If you feel uncomfortable, she is the one who makes you feel comfortable. I honestly don't know a single person who doesn't like her. She graduated from Auburn this past May and currently lives in Atlanta with a great job!!

This is me and Jessica Slocumb Prater. She just got married this past weekend so I had to put a picture of her in her beautiful dress! Jessica and I have such a long history together. I feel like she is more my sister than my friend. Jessica moved to Hartselle right before we started kindergarten, directly across the street from me. She loved dolls, playing mommy, and staying extremely clean and I liked horses, playing outside, and getting dirty (really, nothing has changed)! Somehow we still became best friends. We rode to school together, home together, and then stayed at each other's houses all day every day. Every year on the first day of school in Jr. High, we wore the exact same outfit, except she always looked so beautiful and I just looked geeky. Jessica has always been the most nurturing person I know and a spitfire. You really don't ever want to get on her bad side:) She has more love in her heart than anyone could imagine, and she has always taken care of me. A girl hit me at school one day and Jessica hunted her down and I really thought she was going to kill her ;) Shes such a good friend!

This is me and Erin Faust (and our dogs) before the AXO/Phi Mu Tacky Christmas party this past year. Erin transferred from Auburn sophomore year and we instantly became best friends. She was the biggest goofball that I had ever met and no one could make me laugh like her. Her personality is so contageous and everyone is drawn to her. She looks and acts just like Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blond...her dog is even named Bruiser! She was a Crimsonette at Alabama and yes, I take credit for that :) We stayed up together day and night for several months while she practiced for tryouts, having to fight off mean old men and everything! In our single days, Erin was the only other person that I knew who was just as boy crazy as I was, and I knew we were meant to be best friends! She met her soon-to-be husband at my 21st birthday, they are getting married December 16, 2006.
This is me, Holly, and Lauren Furlong Strickler at her wedding. Lauren and I met when we both pledged Alpha Chi our freshman year. We didn't become really close until our sophomore year however. When she learned to like exercising ;), we would take many walks together! She is very classy and well put together. Lauren never says anything bad about anyone and puts a positive spin on every situation. She is very laid back and I know that I can always depend on her to keep anything that I tell her quiet. If I wasn't eating supper with her and her husband our senior year, she would always offer me left-overs! Shes a great cook! She graduated in May with an MIS degree and will soon be moving to Birmingham!
This is me and Holly Willis also on New Years...and this is the night she met the love of her life! (Actually, that night, Grant and I interduced her to one of Grant's best friends, Blake Garrett, and now they are getting married December 23, 2006)! Holly and I met at cheerleader try-outs at Alabama in March of 2002. We met up again at the beginning of our freshman year and became inseperable. We went through rush together and were both very torn between Alpha Chi and Phi Mu. We were sticking together no matter what and in the end chose Alpha Chi! She is my crazy friend...she is constantly laughing, even when there really isn't anything to laugh about! Everyone enjoys being around her and there is never a dull moment. She is so sincere, smart and mature. She is a 4th grade teacher in Gadsden, Alabama.
This is me and Ashley Witherspoon "Spoony" on New Years 2006. She and I cheered together and had all of our classes together in highschool. She is brilliant. She recently got all of her hair chopped off and gave it to Locks of Love...its so cute! Ashley is always always smiling and never has anything negative to say about anyone (except maybe some ex-boyfriends :)) She was one of my best friends in high school and still is. I always love listening to all of her stories about the crazy things that happen in her life. She is an exceptional cook, a great athelete and probably the hardest worker I have ever known. I miss her so much because she is and has been at Mississippi State and stays in Mississippi over the summers to work. She will graduate in May 2006 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering.
This is me and Nichla Clark at the beach this summer...she actually got engaged about 10 minutes after this picture was taken! Nichla has been one of my best friends since I was in the 8th grade and she was in 9th. We cheered together all through high school and did everything else together; we really were joined at the hip. Everyone who meets her loves her because she is so caring and kind to everyone. I would have to say that she is my most unique friend and can literally make a room full of 180 people roll on the floor laughing (she actually did this once!) She doesn't care what anyone thinks and is herself 100% of the time. We were both Alpha Chi's at Alabama. She is graduating from Alabama in December 2006 with a degree in Apparel Design (shes really good)!
This is me and Katie Hill when she came to visit me for one of the Alabama games...I think this was her first one! She and I have been friends since the first grade, but became best friends our senior year of highschool. It is amazing how much we are alike in everything! She always makes me laugh so hard I cry telling me about all her stories and how many times she has had to stick her foot in her mouth! She is so real and down to earth and I would have to say the strongest person I know. She remembers everything that I tell her, and remembers to ask me about it even after I have forgotten! Katie is so kind and I am very lucky to have her as my friend. She graduated from Samford University and is now a second grade teacher in Ashville, North Carolina. I miss her!

 This is Maggee Oliver. We met the summer before our senior year of high school at UCA camp. When we got to Alabama, we had Chemistry II together and she soon became one of my best friends. We were both Chemistry majors so for the next 3 years we had all of our classes together and became pretty much inseperable! She truly knows ALL of my secrets and everything about me, and still loves me anyway! :). There is no one in this world like her, she remembers everything about everyone, is very observant, and is so compassionate. She always gives great advice and knows just what to do in every situation. She can be so serious and then be SO crazy fun. We had so so much fun and great memories at Alabama and I'm really sad that its over! She is also a soon to be pharmacist!!
This is me and my sister Lizzie at my graduation from Alabama. She is my maid of honor and is a sophomore at the University of Alabama. She has such big heart and is a very calm and collected person. Lizzie is an extremely smart and beautiful person and is so much more responsible and thoughtful than me. Growing up she was always really shy but ever since she has been at Alabama, she has turned into this independent go-getter who can talk to anyone. She is also one of the most charismatic people I know. Unlike me, even when shes having a bad day, she doesn't let it show, she is still so kind to everyone, even her sister. She has so much going for her and is a soon to be pharmacy student at Samford!

This is a closer picture of my ring!
My and 3 of my best friends' hands who are either engaged or married! From left to right: Lauren Strickler, Erin Faust, Me (yes, the ugliest hand, but a beautiful ring! :)) and Maggee Robinson.
This is a picture of some of the girls in my pledge class!

When I got engaged, I told very few people because I wanted to have a candlelight at my sorority house. This is where a sign goes up on newsboard that someone is having a candlelight (meaning someone got engaged) later in the week. So everyone talks amongst themselves all week long trying to figure out who it is. Then usually after chapter on Wednesday night, the sorority gets in a huge circle and passes around a candle while singing our sweetheart song. After the candle goes through the entire circle once, everyone claps. On the second time around, the girl who is engaged blows out the candle, everyone cheers and then she gets to tell her story!

So before I go more into the wedding details, I'll focus more on me and Grant and put up pictures from our engagement...He asked me on April 29 at his house on the river, his parents had actually set up everything while he went to pick me up in Birmingham. He cooked me the most wonderful steak kabobs (my favorite meal that he cooks) and a sweet potoato (also my favorite). Little did he know how long a potato takes to I never got around to eating the potato because it was time for us to go to my brother's ballgame and it still wasn't finished cooking! To see about how we met and a list of all our bridesmaids and groomsmen, go to

.....And this picture was taken at the rehearsal dinner!

Nationwide Coverage is the band that will be playing at my reception. I first heard them at my friend's rehearsal dinner and fell in love!! They kept me on the dance floor all night long! To see more about them go to:

I am having the most amazing violin ensemble play at my wedding. They are known as the Lamb family which consist of 3 girls and one boy. To listen to their music, go to

I have been trying to make as many decisions as possible early on because I'm afraid that I will get caught up in school and not have time for decisions before too long. Bridesmaids' dresses have been one of my latest decisions. On the left is the dress that I have chosen!!

....Haha just kidding! To the right is the is the real bridesmaid dress. It will be in exactly these matches my church perfectly!!