Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick correction to the previous post...

**Cash and Derby fight over their toys! Not Grant and Derby :) **

My First Pregnancy Pics - A little over 14 weeks!

Ok so here they are...amazingly I woke up this morning and I had a BUMP! I haven't posted any pictures because I have only looked pudgy, so, I thought it was just fat, but, we went to the doctor on Tuesday and I still haven't gained any weight. The doctor is mad (oops!) but I promise I'm eating, and A LOT at that! The good news though is that we heard the heartbeat and it was 162!!! I've heard different stories about whether or not that means we are having a boy or girl...the chinese calendar said that we are having a boy though... :)

Our typical night...while I'm over here on one couch on the computer or doing school work, Grant is either watching TV or reading one of his hunting books, and Grant and Derby are fighting over their toys

Cash and Derby LOVE their daddy!!!

The usual...Grant ignoring half of what I'm saying because he's glued to his Cabela's, jk :)

My two favorite boys!

Backyard Fun

Now that it has been pretty and warm, we've been taking our dogs to play in the backyard.
Grant has been trying to train our 7 month old yellow lab Cash for hunting next season...he loves to go fetch whatever it is that Grant throws to him! Derby doesn't get to play like Cash does because she would run off and not come back for an hour... :( So she stays tied up next to me while I take pictures

Please excuse our backyard! :) Hopefully Grant will mow it soon!!

He Loves to jump up and catch his toys

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tests Are Finally Over!

I promised I would blog once all of my exams are over with, and thank God they are! We had 11 final exams over a 3 week period, and 9 of those exams were over a 2 week period...I have been so exhausted and have been going off of very little sleep :( We started a new semester on Monday though and from here on out I think school is going to get a lot less stressful!

Update on the pregnancy...The last time I posted I really had not gotten sick really at all. For the most part that is still the case, however, I have gotten really light headed lately. I have been rotating through Oral Surgery the last two weeks and if I am the one doing the procedure, I'm fine, but if I assist someone else, I start feeling really sick - to where I can't even stand up. I have had to leave the room on multiple occasions, sit down and just catch a breath. Other than that I have been fine.

I feel like my taste buds have changed tremendously. I absolutely HATE chicken now, not sure why, and I don't like sweets that much anymore. Used to, I could eat a huge chocolate brownie with icecream for dinner and be perfectly content; now, I don't even bother with dessert. I LOVE to eat and drink juicy things (fruits, juices, etc). I always have, but not anything like I do with this pregnancy. People have asked me if I am more hungry these days...yes and no. Even though I eat a pretty big breakfast, I am Starving between breakfast and lunch, but then when I eat my lunch, I get full extremely fast. I don't have time for small meals through out the day, so when supper time rolls around, I'm usually pretty hungry, but then the same thing happens, I get full really quickly. When I went to the doctor for my 10 week visit, the doctor sort of grumbled at me because I had lost weight, and wants me to have gained at least 3 pounds by my 14 week visit, so...we'll see!

A lot of you have been asking to see belly pics and I would love to show you some...if there was a belly to show!! I am still not convinced that there is actually a baby growing inside of me right now because I can't see anything! I know that this is normal because I'm only 12 weeks but it is still frustrating! I have one picture at 9 weeks of me standing next to one of my friends who is pregnant, but my belly really hasn't grown much since then. I will be sure to pst pictures once they are worth posting! :)