Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Well I am 39 weeks today and Finally dilated 1 cm! The doctor said that I was also effaced 50%. We had a slight scare on Friday night which put me in the hospital until 4:30 Saturday morning...but no baby yet! :) I have been feeling fine since then...but here in the last couple of hours been feeling looots of pressure! Whatever that means! The doctor won't let me go until 41 weeks like I was hoping (just because I need to finish some rotations at school), so if little Barrett hasn't come on his own by next Friday, then his birthday will be September 18th, 2009! Mac has a huge ballgame that night against Russellville and Lizzie has 2 tests that day....so not the most convenient day for everyone, but we will make it work! :) Please continue to pray for a healthy baby boy and a very safe and easy delivery!! :)