Friday, February 13, 2009

We Are Having A Baby!!

To all those who have been asking me when I am going to update our blog...well I guess now is the time! Over the past two years, I really haven't had anything too interesting to update AND honestly, had zero time to add anything! I looove looking at other peoples' blogs, I'm just too lazy to update my own! :) But I will be better now!

ANYWAY! We are very, very excited...the baby is due September 15th. It was a huge shock to us (and everyone else really) considering that we were wanting to wait at least another year to try to start having a baby. But! God's plan was different, and I know everything will be perfect. I will have this baby at the beginning of my senior year, which will be a huge challenge, but I have the absolute best husband, parents, siblings, in-laws, and friends that anyone could ever ask for, so Grant and I will not have to go through this totally on our own! All things considered, we are really so blessed.

I am a little past 9 weeks pregnant right now and haven't really been that sick at all. I have a MAJOR heightened sense of smell, so some smells make me kind of nauseous, but other than that, I've really been fine. This week I have felt a bit fluish, but I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that everything was fine, so I guess its just part of pregnancy...ugh.

I will continue to update as much as I can...I have finals coming up so it might not be for a couple of weeks, but I will definitely do better than I have been doing, promise!